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Cody Rhodes makes clear what ‘finishing the story’ means to him

I don’t know if there was any questioning exactly what Cody Rhodes has meant when he said he intends to “finish the story” during his latest run in WWE, but if there were any doubts a reporter at the Money in the Bank post-show press conference asked him about it. Would winning the world heavyweight championship, the one currently held by Seth Rollins, mean he finished the story?


His words:

“Oh man, I hate to… I don’t want to be a downer but no. Winning the world heavyweight championship would be outstanding, it would be amazing. It is the title on the flagship show, Monday Night Raw. It absolutely matters, is important, and what Seth is doing with it is a special thing. That title will mean far more in five minutes and then in 10 minutes. Every second it gains equity.

“But finishing the story was always about the title that my dad didn’t get. And I’m not going to spoil anything because the Peacock people will murder me but you’ll probably hear some news about my documentary at some point soon, finally, because these people have been filming me for gosh knows how long, and it’s covered a lot in there as far as that’s what the story was. He really did hold it and he held it in the Garden and like, ah, it ate me up that he never got it. So that’s finishing the story. The world heavyweight championship is a whole other story. It is. Again, very special, the main title on Monday Night Raw. I don’t look down on it in any way.”

It doesn’t necessarily mean he has to beat Roman Reigns to finish the story, but he does need to win the title Reigns is currently in possession of (and has been for, quite literally, years now). That would be the same Reigns who was pinned for the first time in three years in the main event of Money in the Bank.

So there’s still that chance.

But, again, what’s important isn’t who he takes the title from, just that he eventually wins the championship itself.

Got it? Good.

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