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Seth Rollins has been dealing with back issues since 2019, hopes to avoid surgery

WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins has missed some time due to injury in his decade-plus run with the company. But considering how often he wrestles, being out for approximately nine months for knee injuries isn’t much.

That doesn’t mean Rollins isn’t working through a lot of aches and pains when he is wrestling three times a week. Seth ran through some of his current issues when he was Logan Paul’s guest on Impaulsive this week.

When his WrestleMania 39 opponent (they’ve made up) asked about what The Visionary does to help his body recover from all those bumps, Rollins replied:

“I try to just change my training up based on how I feel. There’s constant injuries. My knee’s been bugging me since before WrestleMania. I was having issues with that. My neck acting up, my low back has been at me for like, since 2019, probably should get some surgery on that, but trying to just, you know, do whatever I can to make sure I don’t need it because I have a couple of stress fractures back there.”

Stress fractures are a repetitive use injury that’s fairly common in athletes, but the treatment usually involves rest or low impact activities — neither of which Rollins is doing while trying to establish a new title for WWE. Paul’s podcasting partner Mike Majlak asked if he’s tried stem cell therapy, and Seth said:

“I tried some stem cells. I’ve done a couple of stem cell treatments, and I didn’t find — I found that they were temporarily helpful. And I wasn’t taking time off. I wasn’t just idling while I was on the stem cells, I was still working a pretty much full-time WWE schedule. So, I found that temporarily helpful. But long term, it kind of has faded off a little bit. So I’d say I got about, like maybe four or five months of like, ‘Oh, okay [that feels good].’”

Rollins is probably more likely to have long-term issues with his back as a result of those stress fractures than he’s at risk for a major complication in the short-term, but it’s still something he’ll need to find a way to address at some point.

For now, it’s another reminder of the wear and tear pro wrestlers put their bodies through to do what they — and we — love.

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