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Sami Zayn debuted a new song for fans to sing

After they closed out Raw last night (July 17) by retaining their Tag titles over The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens remained in the ring as part of the “send them home happy” crew*.

They were joined by another champion, World Heavyweight king Seth Rollins, who’d brawled to the back with his SummerSlam challenger Finn Bálor before the main event. Rollins, you’ll no doubt recall, has fans literally singing his song all over the world every time he comes out to the ring.

It happened again in A-Town, which prompted Zayn to ask Rollins for the mic so he could make a confession:

“Generally speaking, I am not a jealous person. But when I see 18,000 people in Atlanta all singing this song [Rollins’ entrance theme, “Visionary”], I gotta be honest. It kinda makes me wish we had a song, like they could all sing with us.”

Owens rightfully points out that fans not only sing Sami’s ska-inspired “Worlds Apart” theme, but also the Bouncing Souls’ tune he’s been associated with since their days on the independents. But Zayn wants them to sing for his friend, so he debuted something relevant to their current on-screen storyline... “Kevin Don’t Be So Angry”, sung to a familiar tune.

Here’s the whole segment (Sami’s new groove premieres at approximately the 3:50 mark):

I can see that taking off. Especially if Zayn & Rollins dance to it like this every time...

Think we’ll be hearing “Kevin Don’t Be So Angry” on television?

* Normally, Cody Rhodes probably would have led this effort in Atlanta. But, the American Nightmare was... unavailable.

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