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WWE NXT results, live blog (July 18, 2023): Dirty Dom title shot

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Advertised for tonight’s show from the WWE Performance Center: During The Judgment Day’s visit to Orlando last week, Dirty Dom Mysterio booked himself a North American title match against Wes Lee. That goes down tonight, along with Tony D’Angelo’s celebration after Stacks got him out of jail & earned the mafioso duo a Tag title shot, Heritage Cup champ Nathan Frazer teaming with Dragon Lee to take on Los Lotharios, Gigi Dolin vs, Kiana James, Bronco Nima & Lucien Price’s debut match against Axiom & Scrypts, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Mother Moon, she’s calling me back to her silver womb. Father of creation takes me from my stolen tomb. Seventh advent unicorn is waiting in the skies. A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of last week.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams make their entrance and get on the mic.

Trick starts off, saying it’s less than two weeks to the Great American Bash so he wants to get straight to business, and he introduces Carmelo with some fanfare.

Enter Ilja Dragunov.

He says last week he didn’t mean to put his nose into their business, but there’s something they don’t seem to understand, and that’s that he wanted to face Hayes as champion at Great American Bash. But Carmelo let him down by losing control. Hayes says he knows exactly what Dragunov is capable of but he doesn’t understand how he keeps up the maniac pace—

Ilja says exactly, he doesn’t understand, and every time he steps into the ring he gives everything and that means something and the people feel something, and all that Melo will feel at Great American Bash is defeat. Carmelo says it’s gonna be a fight and nobody is more qualified to face him than Dragunov, but he needs to understand that he’s going to win.

Dragunov says if Hayes fails his whole dynasty will fall apart, and it doesn’t matter what a great champion he feels he is, because at Great American Bash, this mad dragon will blow fire that he can’t control. Carmelo says he’ll blow that fire out, and for one of them it’ll be champagne and the other, just pain.

Mustafa Ali rolls up on Wes Lee to ask what he was thinking agreeing to a title match against Dominik Mysterio. Wes says Dom stepped to him, and it is what it is. Ali says he wants to fight Lee and not Mysterio, and Wes takes it like he insulted him by saying he can’t beat Dom.

Ali begs off and says it’s just that he wanted to fight the greatest North American Champion of all time. Lee says he’ll get it done and Mustafa says he’ll be there, and Wes goes off to tape his fists.

Los Lotharios make their entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get footage of Tony D’Angelo being released from jail and meeting back up with Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo once again.

Dragon Lee & Nathan Frazer vs. Los Lotharios (Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo)

Frazer and Garza to start, isolating Angel, tag to Lee, pressure intensifies but Carrillo tags in and cuts him off with a suplex. Humberto backing him off with chops, Dragon snaps off a Frankensteiner and tags Nathan in! Tope con giro, Lotharios catch him and powerbomb him into Lee’s head to cut off a dive and send us to break!

Back from comercial, Garza cuts Frazer down with a superkick and takes his pants off! Nathan ducks the pants and tags Lee in! Dragon screw in the corner, superkick cuts Humberto off on a headstand, tornado DDT, low bridge, running knee, cover... NOPE! Frazer charges in, baseball slide, Carrillo catches him and drops him face-first across the announce desk!

Cutting Dragon off in the turnbuckles, double military press slam off the top! Moonsault to the floor, one in the ring... DRAGON LEE KICKS OUT! Jockeying for position in the corner, tree of woe double stomp connects! Angel cuts him off with a crescent kick, diving reverse STO, kick, Dragon gets Carrillo up for the Liger Bomb... STILL NO!

Back and forth, Lee gets it...

Dragon Lee & Nathan Frazer win by pinfall with a running Asai DDT from Lee on Angel Garza.

Post-match, Garza and Carrillo argue and Humberto shoves Angel to the ground!

We get another Baron Corbin vignette of him trying to find himself in the woods or whatever.

Gigi Dolin makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get an NXT Anonymous video of Booker T giving Roxanne Perez a pep talk about the attitude she’s going to need to beat Blair Davenport.

Gigi Dolin vs. Kiana James

James on the attack, knees in the corner, Dolin returns fire with body blows, a snapmare, folding press, cover for two! Out and back in, Kiana regains the tempo, boots into the ropes, scoop and a slam, cover, only two! Big punch to the breadbasket, Gigi trying to fight back in, kicks and knees and lariats take James off her feet!

Flash roundhouse kick gets a hair pull mat slam! Gigi wants to use Kiana’s bag against her, referee DA Brewer tries to take it away, Kiana takes advantage...

Kiana James wins by pinfall with 401(k) on her bag.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we see a sad video of Ivy Nile taking the Diamond Mine banner down in the dojo.

Eddy Thorpe is interviewed backstage.

He says his NXT Underground win over Damon Kemp puts him in title contention and—

Meta-Four roll up with Noam Dar practically catatonic to apologize for canceling Supernova Sessions again and offer Eddy the prestigious prize of an autographed 8x10 of Noam’s. He tears it up, Oro Mensah tells him to check his ego, and Thorpe says he’s a fighter, not a talker.

Oro and Eddy square up, tensions run high, and we cut away.

Axiom & SCRYPTS vs. Bronco Nima & Lucien Price

Nima and Axiom to start, Bronco blocks a triangle, backs Axiom into the corner, biel across! Boot up, diving arm drag, enzuigiri connects! Tag to SCRYPTS, Matrix evasion, arm wringer, tag back to Axiom and SCRYPTS BLASTS HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A FOREARM!

Nima lights on him, tag to Price, corner lariat...

Bronco Nima & Lucien Price win by pinfall with an assisted stomp on Axiom.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, the ring is full of Tony D’Angelo’s family and associates.

Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo gets on the mic and recounts the story of how we got here and Tony comes down to hug everybody.

D’Angelo gets on the mics and puts Stacks over for coming up with his master plan and tosses to video of them planning it all out together.

Gallus make their entrance.

Joe Coffey says Tony and Channing are the lowest form of life he’s ever met, subhuman scum. He tells D’Angelo he’s gonna wish he was back in the cell because it would be a lot safer for him than the outside is right now. Tony says the face Joe is making is the face of a man who had control but just lost it.

Tony tells ‘em to get their shinebox and shine the titles up real nice because they’re coming for them. Wolfgang tells them they’re not even gonna make it to Great American Bash, and Gallus enter the ring. To their misfortune, all the assorted family in the ring are carrying crowbars and other bludgeoning instruments and they lay Gallus out, putting Mark Coffey through a table full of catering!

Carmelo and Trick run into the Schism backstage.

Joe Gacy says there’s no need to target them with their negativity, and says their union will dissolve as soon as Hayes loses the title.

Ilja Dragunov rolls up and they have a staredown while Joe laughs about it. Dragunov turns to Gacy and says he’s insufferable. Jagger Reid shoves Gacy into Hayes and a brawl breaks out!

Thea Hail makes her entrance, flanked by Duke Hudson, and we go to break.

Elektra Lopez vs. Thea Hail

Lopez on the offensive, slam and into the corner for shoulder blocks, but all it takes is one opening for Thea...

Thea Hail wins by submission with the double wristlock.

Post-match, Thea Hail cuts an excited promo about how she wants a rematch against Tiffany Stratton because she knows she can tap her out. Duke Hudson supports her, leading a “Rematch!” chant.

Enter Tiffany Stratton.

She says you don’t get to call the champion out because it’s rude and she’s totally superior to Hail, who learned one move and thinks she can conquer the world. If she wants a rematch, she’s got it! Thea wants it to be a submission match, and Tiffany says no way, only the champ can add a stipulation to a match.

She turns to leave and Hail gets the double wristlock again and wrenches it in until Stratton gives and accepts the submission match!

We see Dominik Mysterio chatting with Rhea Ripley when Tony D’Angelo and family walk by.

Tony tells him Benny from the yard says hi and wishes him luck tonight.

Lyra Valkyria walks by and Rhea asks if she was wrong about her, seeing how Jacy Jayne handed her ass to her. Lyra says she wasn’t, and it’ll be different next time, and we go to break.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Oro Mensah

Whip across, Thorpe with a crossbody, Mensah cracks off a slicing right to the jaw! Eddy grabs his chin and slaps him hard but Oro is able to trip him into the ropes! Clubbing punches, kick to the spine and a big lariat! Thorpe back at it with kicks, German suplex sends Oro clean out of the ring!

Suicide dive follows it up, Jakara Jackson runs interference while Lash Legend literally rolls Noam Dar’s catatonic body into the ring! Donovan Dijak blasts Eddy with a boot on the floor, Thorpe slides back in and beats the count but Mensah is ready for him...

Oro Mensah wins by pinfall.

We see Blair Davenport and Roxanne Perez getting mic’d up for a satellite interview and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Dana Brooke gives Kelani Jordan a little pep talk and they do gymnastics together.

We see footage of Cora Jade scoffing about the video we just saw and smacking a locker with her kendo stick.

We go to Blair Davenport and Roxanne Perez now.

Perez says Booker T was just giving her some advice and Davenport says she’s gonna leave Perez laying in front of all her friends and family. This division is for grown women, not little girls, and Roxanne doesn’t belong anymore. Perez is sick and tired of everyone thinking she’s an easy target, because there’s been a rage building inside of her and Blair only adds to it.

She promises she’ll show a side of herself we’ve never seen before and Davenport won’t see it coming. Blair scoffs and tells her to just go home when she loses, because she doesn’t belong here anymore. Roxanne takes her mic off and storms out of the interview while Blair mocks her.

Dominik Mysterio makes his entrance, flanked by Rhea Ripley, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up next week’s show.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Wes Lee (c) (NXT North American Championship)

Circling, side headlock from Lee, wrenching it in, hanging on to it, Mysterio slings him aside and Wes ducks a cheap shot! Dropkick sends Dominik to the floor, Rhea Ripley runs in front of him and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Mysterio with a punch, looking for Three Amigos but Wes floats over number three! Dom with a dropkick, off the ropes, 619 connects, follow it with a Michinoku Driver... NOPE! Off the top... NOBODY HOME ON THE FROG SPLASH! Trading punches, wobbly on their feet, a lazy back suplex dumps Lee on his neck and gets Mysterio a two count!

Whip across, boot up, punches from Wes land unanswered! Whip reversed, flying forearms, snapmare blocked but Lee floats easily into a kick combo and follows it with a double stomp! Superkick out of the corner, springboard roundhouse, diving DDT! Mysterio to the floor, Wes off the ropes but he stops himself short as Dominik grabs the title and tries to walk out!

Suicide dive plants him, back inside, Spiral Tap, Finn Balor and Damian Priest run interference and Lee takes Priest out with the Cardiac Kick! Rhea clocks him with her Women’s World Championship and Dom takes advantage...

Dominik Mysterio wins by pinfall with a laterall press, becoming your new NXT North American Champion.

Judgment Day celebrate.

That’s the show, folks.

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