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Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes official for SummerSlam

The minute Brock Lesnar returned to go after Cody Rhodes once again, it was clear the two were headed for a rubber match at the upcoming SummerSlam Premium Live Event on Aug. 5, 2023, at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. What was in question was the stipulation they would add to the bout.

After all, they went 1-1 against each other in straight up singles matches. For the blowoff, it’s typical to keep it fresh by adding a special stipulation.

Well, Lesnar once again appeared on Monday Night Raw this week to officially accept Rhodes’ challenge for a match. He did so after putting a beatdown on Cody, right in front of his own mother sitting in the front row, and screaming in his face “I’ll see you at SummerSlam, bitch.”

What wasn’t made clear, however, was if there would be a stipulation.

For now, and this could change by the end of Raw, and we’ll update if it does, it’s a straight up singles bout.

That’ll do.

Lesnar vs. Rhodes is the only match official for SummerSlam at this time.

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