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Shotzi shaved her head

Shotzi had a no good very bad evening on Friday Night SmackDown a couple weeks ago, when she lost to Bayley in a match that would have seen her qualify for the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and then, when confronting Damage CTRL backstage after the fact, got some of her hair forcibly cut off.

Rough scenes.

This week, Bayley was back parading the piece of hair she took while winning another match against Zelina Vega. She probably won’t be parading it around any longer, not with what aired on the Titantron as she was walking to the back:

“When Bayley held me down and cut my hair, I mean, Bayley you probably thought cutting my hair would intimidate me, scare me. You probably think you have some sort of control over me. Do I look scared to you? Do I look like someone you can control? DO I?!?

“Maybe I am a little weird. But I also am in control, not you, Bayley. I’m in control. I’m in control! And that’s what’s so great about being a little strange — I own it. I hold the power. Some people fear change but I invite it. And I want to show you just how chaotic I really am. I’m in control. Do I look scared to you? I’m not scared. You’re scared. I’m in control.

“Maybe I am a little weird.”

Well then!

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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