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Michael Cole picks the favorite moment he’s called for WWE

They don’t share our screens every Friday night any more, but the bromance between Pat McAfee and Michael Cole is still in full bloom whenever Cole visits McAfee’s daily sports talk show.

WWE’s lead announcer stopped by (well, Zoom-ed in to) The Pat McAfee Show last week. During his appearance, Cole fielded a question from former TNA Tag Team champion Adam “Pacman” Jones” about the biggest matches he’s called for WWE.

Cole answered a couple of different ways:

“Box office-wise, probably Rock-Cena at WrestleMania. The first one [2012’s WrestleMania 28] — one of the biggest stories that we’d ever done. Just that moment in time where Rock and John were in their careers. That was probably the biggest that I had the pleasure of calling.

“But there’s been so many over the years. Roman Reigns has just had some incredible moments — probably the greatest moment, though, was the night that Seth Rollins cashed in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania [31] to beat Brock and Roman on the same night.

“That was probably my favorite moment.”

Proving his love of all things Cole, McAfee immediately remembered the specific call — “Rollins with the heist of the century” — before also praising some of Cole’s recent work in The Bloodline story like “et tu Jey” line from the June 16 SmackDown.

Recency bias (combined with recognition of how much more we’ve enjoyed Cole’s work since Vince McMahon stopped being a regular on the production headsets last summer) makes us want to name some of his calls this year as his best, but we can’t tell the man he’s wrong on his favorite.

What do you think of Michael Cole’s pick? What’s your favorite moment he’s called?

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