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Trinity says ‘nobody understands the magnitude of what happened’ when she walked out of WWE


One of the biggest pro wrestling stories of 2022 was Trinity Fatu (fka Naomi) and Sasha Banks’ joint decision to walk out of WWE ahead of the May 16 episode of Raw.

Trinity has commented on that situation multiple times in recent months, saying she left WWE “because of the way I was talked to and handled.”

In a new interview with the New York Post, Trinity follows up some more on that decision, indicating there are a lot of details people don’t know about:

“There was a lot that happened. There was a lot that was said that ultimately led to me being put in a position and feeling like that was the best for me and what I needed to do. I still believe that. I still stand on that and that’s just what it is...Nobody understands the magnitude of what happened and what really went on and why we feel the way we feel and where we are but me and her and the people that were involved that day. It just goes to show how real our friendship is and how real all of this is.”

Trinity goes on to emphasize “how much we care about women’s wrestling” and states that she will always do “what’s best for her, what’s best for me and what’s best for the business.”

Trinity is challenging for the Knockouts championship this Saturday (July 15) at Impact Slammiversary, and she is happy to work for a wrestling promotion that values her.

“Just being in a space where I can be heard, where my ideas can be heard, where I feel seen and valued, that is everything to me at this point in my career. Impact has definitely helped me in every way to help me regain my confidence and giving me the platform and becoming a new home for me and just the leeway to create and trust in my ideas and trust in myself.”

Will you be tuning into Slammiversary this weekend to see Trinity challenge for the gold, Cagesiders?

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