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Add The Rock to the list of WWE legends Grayson Waller’s beefed with (UPDATED)

Less than a week after sharing the ring with John Cena in London at Money in the Bank, Grayson Waller wrestled Edge in the last televised match on last Friday’s SmackDown at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The brash Australian hasn’t shut up about it since. He changed his Twitter bio to “Madison Square Garden Main Eventer”, and proclaimed his July 8 appearance in the iconic venue...

“That bloke who wore the cringe tassels” is, of course, Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock’s done a fair amount of clowning himself over his Survivor Series 1996 debut at the Garden, so this probably didn’t even register on his radar. But with a few more days to reflect (and since he found the Rocky Maivia ring gear while visiting The Bump today), Waller changed his mind...

... and that did get a reaction from The Great One...

Those are some lines we can imagine 1999 Rock would have delivered. And it’s good to see the Triple H rivalry is still alive.

Back to Grayson though... will he respond? Is this leading anywhere? Who won’t WWE pair this guy up with?

UPDATE: Waller did respond, quote-tweeting Rock’s message and inviting him to SmackDown...

Ouch! Those classic 1999 schoolyard insults really still hit.

You still have an open invitation to be a guest on The Grayson Waller Effect though! Sounds like you’re in desperate need of the Grayson Waller rub #GWEffect

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