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Drew McIntyre is missing Raw next week for what sounds like an awesome movie

Drew McIntyre mentioned being away from Monday Night Raw next week to handle some “company business” and as it turns out he’s been cast in what sounds like an incredible new movie. That’s the word from PW Insider.

The full cast:

That cast alone is enough for this writer to be interested — give me Big Dave on the big screen over The Rock any day — but the synopsis for the movie took it over the top (via Deadline):

Based on Jay Bonansinga’s novel, the film is written by Rand Ravich and Simon Kinberg, with recent rewrites by James Coyne. The film follows veteran assassin Joe Flood (Bautista), who is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and authorizes a kill on himself to avoid the pain that is destined to follow. After ordering the kill, he finds out that he was misdiagnosed and must then fend off the army of former colleagues trying to kill him.

Yeah, this is absolutely going to rule.

Good for McIntyre.

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