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Raw’s ‘clunky’ main event reportedly led to a backstage argument (UPDATED)

If the six-man tag that closed out Raw last night (July 10) felt a little off to you, apparently you weren’t alone.

After confirming with multiple sources, PWInsider reports that an argument broke out amongst Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn backstage after the show. The argument was “borne out of the frustration over how the match went but was never in danger of getting physical.”

The main issue was with spots not going as planned and ending up a little “clunky”. Insider doesn’t mention specific spots, but an attempted Blue Thunder Bomb to Bálor immediately comes to mind...

WWE’s YouTube

There also seemed to be a little extra mustard on this South of Heaven that led to Finn pinning Sami...

WWE’s YouTube

There’s also been a lot of discussion of a Sling Blade/forearm spot between Bálor & Rollins that clearly didn’t go to plan.

Whether any of those are what triggered the argument, there was said to be disagreement over where to place the blame for this match with five seasoned veterans going a bit sideways. Two sources pointed the finger at “the fact that aspects of the match were changed ‘at the last literal second’”. One other source, however put the responsibility on “one talent who they didn’t want to name to ‘not make the Internet go insane.’”

The match was set-up during the broadcast. Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio was announced late yesterday afternoon. That match then morphed into the trios main event when The Judgment Day attacked Rollins during his entrance, and was saved by Owens & Zayn.

Probably not the last we hear of this, although the lack of violence while the argument played out in Gorilla Position is likely a sign this will be chalked up to simply being a bad night at the office.

UPDATE: Another WWE source reached out to Insider’s Mike Johnson after his initial report and told him the incident “was simply a ‘difference of opinion’ that ended up exacerbated by last minute changes made to the main event plans.”

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