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Undertaker wants ‘Wyatt Family Bray’ back: ‘That’s the money’

Before he was sidelined with an undisclosed medical issue, WWE made a point of linking Bray Wyatt with The Undertaker at Raw XXX.

There was already a connection between the two men from their 2015 feud (which included WrestleMania and Survivor Series matches), and the general similarities of their gimmicks. But the passing of the torch scene from the Jan. 23 anniversary show gave fans a fresh reason to connect Taker & Bray... and a reason for media folks to ask them about one another.

Which is what Alistair McGeorge of Metro UK did when interviewing the WWE Hall of Famer recently. The Dead Man had a lot of praise for Wyatt, and a suggestion for him & the folks in creative:

“They need to back Bray’s character up to the original character, get away from – they’ve kind of got themselves booked into a situation where it’s kind of difficult for him to have matches.

“I think the original Wyatt Family Bray, that’s the money.

“I got to work with Bray at ‘Mania the year after I got concussed in the Brock match. I worked with Bray – I think a lot of him, and I like what he’s doing. I think they just have to figure out how to… they need to back it up I think.

“His promos, and then his ability to work – he’s an incredible, incredible worker but he’s not getting the opportunity to do it. I hope the best for him, I really do think a lot of him. We’ll see what happens there.”

It’s a position a lot of fans & critics would agree with. But it’s also something Wyatt is on the record as not wanting to do. The third-generation wrestler said earlier this year that he’d view returning to what he calls “Hawaiian shirt Bray” as “disrespectful” to the late Brodie Lee, who worked at his side as Luke Harper during his Wyatt Family run.

Until Bray’s cleared to return, it’s not an issue he or WWE need to deal with. But it will be interesting to see if Taker’s words influence a change in direction for Wyatt when he does return.

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