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The Undertaker’s out in the ocean, staring down sharks

It’s not quite Shark Week yet (that starts July 23 on Discovery, fyi) — but it is a slow news day, so Michelle McCool’s story about calling for her husband is getting a fair amount of play around the wrestle web.

It helps, of course, that McCool’s husband is wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker.

The four-time WWE Women’s titleholder was relaxing on the beach when she spotted something just off the shoreline that she though might be a shark. She texted the Dead Man about it, and he came down to investigate. Turns out McCool’s suspicions were correct, as were her instincts to call her very large life partner to scare off the ocean predator.

You can hear her say, “Guess I wasn’t big enough to scare him away but you are,” to Taker in the second video...

She later retweeted another outlet’s story on her original tweet, adding (with rolling on the floor laughing and heart eyes emojis):

“except it was real…..but just a big, beautiful nurse shark…not that my sweet @undertaker knew that when he came out! #myprotector

Nurse sharks are typically bottom feeders and don’t usually attack humans — but they have. And as Michelle says, her man didn’t ask for its taxonomy before he stepped into the water with it.

But hey, Taker’s wrestled a guy who once F5-ed a Great White, so I’m sure he wasn’t sweating it.

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