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Money in the Bank 2023 results: Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns

To the surprise of no one, the “Bloodline Civil War” pitting Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos in a tag team match was the main event of today’s (Sat., July 1, 2023) WWE Money in the Bank Premium Live Event at the O2 Arena in London, England.

The chants came early, were explicit, graphic, and passionate, and the match was heavy on story. They let every moment breathe early on, so fans had every opportunity to say “(expletive deleted) you” to Reigns while singing some support to Sikoa.

Speaking of which, there was a moment early on when Sikoa was getting the worst of an exchange with Jimmy & Jey, and Reigns was getting awfully upset about it. He demanded to be tagged into the match, and Solo took his sweet time staring him down before doing so.

Another tease of dissent...

The match continued on, slow paced still, and the fans started chanting “if you hate Roman stand up.” So Reigns, on the apron at the time because he wasn’t the legal man in the match, sat down to a big applause. He could be heard saying to Paul Heyman “why are we here? England is the worst, the dumbest place of all time, bunch of idiots!”


When the match finally gained steam, they delivered the goods. Reigns tried for his Spear multiple times but couldn’t get it — first he was Speared by both Usos and then he was superkicked by Jimmy. When Jimmy tried to follow up with the Frog Splash, Reigns caught him in the Guillotine. The ensuing battle to get out of it resulted in, you guessed it, the patented Bloodline ref bump. The 1D should have given The Usos the pin and the win.

Michael Cole on the call: “Roman Reigns with the damndest luck!”

Reigns recovered, and then Sikoa recovered, and then they took both Jimmy and Jey out at the same time, with Sikoa hitting the Spike on Jey as Reigns hit the Spear. Then they stacked the brothers on top of each other for the pinfall.

But they kicked out!

An all timer of a kick out, in this writer’s humble opinion.

Reigns called for Sikoa to put Jimmy through the announcer’s table but when he went to do so, Jimmy rolled out of the way. Solo was down.

Back in the ring, Jey and Roman squared up and went blow-for-blow, trading superkicks and Superman punches and then a huge Spear was surely the end but NOPE! ANOTHER KICK OUT!

Reigns was vulnerable now after a low blow in there too, and The Usos lit him up with superkicks. Finally, Jey came over the top with the Splash and then, all be damned, Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns right there in the middle of that ring.

It wasn’t for the title, and it was in a tag team match, but that felt like the most cathartic release after all this time.

I’ll say it again.

Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns.

Of note after the fact — Jimmy wanted to tend to a downed Reigns, or at least check on him, but Jey called him off. That’s something to look out for as we go forward.

For now, let me say it one more time.

Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns.

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