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Money in the Bank 2023 results: Damian Priest cash-in tease helps Seth Rollins retain world heavyweight title

Finn Balor came into today’s (Sat., July 1, 2023) WWE Money in the Bank Premium Live Event at the O2 Arena in London, England, with a seven-year itch to scratch. It was that long ago he defeated Seth Rollins to win the Universal championship and was forced to vacate it due to injury the very next evening. Rollins, at that time, laughed in his face about it.

Balor never forgot that.

So, for weeks now, he’s been viciously attacking Rollins at every turn, on every show he could possibly show up on, from main roster house shows to episodes of NXT television. That added an element to the match too, as Rollins came in with taped up ribs.

A Coup de Grace for the win, perhaps?

To make things interesting, Damien Priest, Balor’s Judgment Day stablemate, hit the scene late in the match with the Money in the Bank contract he won earlier in the evening. Fans chanted for him to “cash it in!”

He didn’t. He did tease it at the worst possible time, though.

Balor had Rollins down and was about to hit the Coup de Grace when Priest popped up from his chair and made like he was going to hit the ring. Balor, distracted, slowed up, giving Rollins time to recover. One Stomp later and Seth is still the world heavyweight champion.

Balor and Priest argued at ringside after.

All is not well within Judgment Day.

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