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IYO SKY wins Money in the Bank ladder match

The name most often mentioned in rumors as a potential winner of the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match was IYO SKY, a rising star who is quite clearly ready for bigger and better things and has been for some time. But it looked like a two-horse race in the men’s match too, and neither of those two ended up winning.

So how would the women’s ladder match play at today (Sat., July 1, 2023) at the O2 Arena in London, England?

Well, just as everyone seemed to be predicting.

One of the main stories here related to SKY and Bayley’s relationship as members of Damage CTRL. There were cracks in the foundation before this, but they grew the minute they both started going up the ladder and realized only one of them could win the match. They still managed to work together at various points. The same couldn’t be said for Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus, who pummeled each other at every opportunity. Zoey Stark remained loyal to Trish, however, even getting out some handcuffs to try to cuff Lynch to the ring and saving Stratus time and time again.

The biggest spot of the match may very well have been Vega hitting Code Red on Stark from the top of the ladder to a bridged ladder on the ropes. It looked vicious! But SKY also did this:

The finish saw SKY headed for the briefcase but just before she could grab it, Bayley knocked the ladder down. Before she could get to it herself, though, Lynch made it up the ladder and used the cuffs still on her wrist to fishhook Bayley. They battled it out on the ladder for a while and when SKY recovered, she cuffed Lynch to Bayley and then climbed right over her tag team partner to win the match.

“You deserve it!” chants rang out through the arena.

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