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The Rock, Bray Wyatt & more say goodbye to The Iron Sheik

When a legend the likes of The Iron Sheik passes away, a whole lot of people stop what they’re doing to share what he meant to them. That’s continued throughout the day on June 7 as word spread of the WWE Hall of Famer’s death and his friends & colleagues have a chance to process & reflect.

After our initial batch of remembrances, a pair of stars who grew up around Iron Sheik posted theirs:

“We lost a pro wrestling legend today, The Iron Sheik, and I just want to say, well, a few things.

“Most importantly, I want to send my love and my support, my strength, my light, my mana, and my condolences to The Iron Sheik’s family, who I consider ohana. They are family of ours too as well. As I think a few of you may know, I grew up calling The Iron Sheik ‘Uncle Sheiky.’ And when my dad and The Iron Sheik used to wrestle together not only in the WWE, but also before that, when we were living in the Carolinas in North Carolina, and my dad and Uncle Sheiky were wrestling together there for the National Wrestling Alliance, the NWA, Uncle Sheiky would come over to the house, and his wife would babysit me. And I was about eight years old at that time, and I was a pain in the ass even then. So God bless that woman, his wife, Caryl, thank you, Caryl, for putting up with all my shit as a kid. I hope you guys are staying strong, and again, I’m so sorry to hear the news.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also spoke about The Iron Sheik’s accomplishments in the business, and shared a few stories along the way.

Another son of one of Sheik’s contemporaries, Mike Rotunda’s boy Windham (aka Bray Wyatt) tweeted for the first time in a while to say:

And here a just a few of the others posted this afternoon and evening:

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