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Edge is booked for a show he once said he might retire on

Last August, while WWE was in Toronto, Edge told the crowd in his hometown (okay, he’s from Orangeville, which is an hour away, but he’s also been billed as hailing from Toronto) that he’d be back this summer... possibly to say goodbye:

“I’m looking at the calendar, and we usually come here in August. So next August, I plan on seeing each and every one of you. And in a perfect world, we all say goodbye to each other that night.“

Since then, the Hall of Famer has adjusted his retirement plans. He told Logan Paul in April that he thinks he has about another year. The 49 year old also teased tying his farewell to a run with the new WWE World Heavyweight title, but in retrospect that was work to attempt to build suspense for his tournament match.

The Rated R Superstar hasn’t been back on television since losing that May 12 bout to AJ Styles, but we know he’ll be back for WWE’s next Toronto date. You know, the one he teased retiring on...

Maybe that one year countdown clock will start ticking down on Fri., Aug. 18? Are you ready to say goodbye to Edge (again)?

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