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The wrestling world remembers & pays tribute to The Iron Sheik

It doesn’t matter whether you were watching The Iron Sheik during the wrestling boom of the 1980s, when he cemented his legacy as one of the business’ best heels opposite Hulk Hogan, or came to love him in this century for his hilarious Twitter account, which never went long without reminding us what Sheik thought of Hogan. The WWE Hall of Famer made an impression on everyone.

That’s very evident on social media today (June 7) after the aforementioned Twitter account announced The Iron Sheik had died at age 81. Remembrances, farewells, and tributes have come from all over.

We’ve collected ones from the business where he rose to fame below, but you can find folks from all walks of life tweeting things like “FUCK THE GRIM REAPER! SHEIKY BABY #1” this afternoon.

NOTE: Where people have quote-tweeted the initial announcement or WWE’s message, we’ve cut & pasted their words and linked to their tweet.

Lance Storm: RIP The Iron Sheik. Respect the Legend, always.

Drew Gulak: What a legend. Condolences to his friends and family. Any time I get to see or use Persian Meels for a workout, I think of the Iron Sheik. He was a great performer! Wrestlers should continue to study his body of work.

David Marquez: Sad, sad news on the passing of a great friend Khosrow Vaziri, better known as @the_ironsheik. Throughout my career, “Koz” was always there for me. He performed on my @worldleaguewlw, @nwa and @unitedwrestling broadcasts. If he loved you, you knew it. If he didn’t love you, you really knew it. I was excited to design the NWA Hall of Fame medal, I designed it with one person in mind, him. I knew he’s appreciate the sentiment and proved it my never taking it off in public (or in private as I’ve just learned). There will never be another Iron Sheik and thank you for helping a struggling, young promoter. My condolences to his family, friends and fans. Rest well Bubba. #ElbowWristShoulder #cameramanzoom #Legend #IronSheik

Pat Buck: Sheiky baby. Thank you for making me humble. We will miss you

R.I.P. Bubba.

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