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Solo Sikoa was no match for this little girl at a WWE house show

Solo Sikoa’s taken a few losses in his WWE career, but not many.

He didn’t take one while facing Matt Riddle on the house circuit last weekend either, but on one stop Sikoa ran into someone he just couldn’t get the best of... a little girl in the front row who wanted to make sure he knew she thinks he’s a “chicken”.

Not even the completely logical argument, “I’m beating his ass, why are you calling me a chicken?” could get this young lady to leave Roman Reigns’ enforcer alone.

Check it out (the original video is from the little girl’s mom, Drew McIntyre superfan @JustTtlyCherry):

That’s the good stuff right there, and a reminder of why non-televised events rule. Wrestlers get a chance to improvise, play to, and even interact with the crowd in a way they just can’t on shows like Raw, SmackDown, or Dynamite.

We imagine Solo loved it, too. It’s the best evidence a performer’s going to get that their work is connecting with the audience. But hey, If Sikoa doesn’t like it?

I have it on good authority he can just go cry to his daddy.

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