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Triple H is once again trying to get Johnny Gargano over

During this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, the following video featuring Johnny Gargano was shown:

“At first glance, it’s easy to label me as the underdog. People have always taken one look and thought they understood me. But what I possess is something they can’t measure. I was a kid from Cleveland, Ohio with a dream, and I traveled around the world for 10 years to live that dream. I finally got a tryout at NXT and I was told there was no place for me there. Five years later I was the face of that brand. Now I’m a staple of Monday Night Raw. So go ahead, underestimate me. That is where I thrive. I might not be the biggest but I work tirelessly at my craft and I have fun doing it my own special way. The Johnny Gargano story is just getting started.”

All those teases of a certain someone returning and maybe joining up with The Way seem to have been forgotten about and we’re once again back to Triple H and co. selling Gargano as the undersized underdog with all the technical skills in the world.

We’ll see if it works out for them.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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