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Omos got married!

When covering Riddick Moss and Emma’s engagement over the weekend, we mentioned Omos’ wedding in the list of happy news WWE Superstars have been sharing lately.

At that point, we held off doing a standalone post on the big man and his bride’s big day because they hadn’t shared any news about it. Everything we’d seen to that point was ripped off some guest’s Instagram Story. But since then, this post from the couple’s pastor started making the rounds and... well, that’s official enough...

Some of Omos’ current and former WWE co-workers also posted pics from the wedding (we’re now guessing this, not a Hurt Business reunion, is why MVP, Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin were together in suits the other day. But we don’t know for sure, so feel free to keep hope alive):

Join us in sending congratulations to Omos (real name Tolulope “Jordan” Omogbehin) and his wife, Cheyenne Quailey!

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