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Liv Morgan confirms injury, says it’s a ‘torn shoulder’

During an UpUpDownDown live stream over the weekend, Liv Morgan generally confirmed what we’ve been hearing since she and Dakota Kai were hurt in a tag match on the May 12 SmackDown — Morgan has a “torn shoulder”:

Morgan, whose WWE Women’s Tag title run with Raquel Rodriguez ended due to the injury, mentioned it a couple of times while talking trash about Maximum Male Models while playing Street Fighter VI:

“You know, it’s really funny that you bring it up because I’m sitting at home with my torn shoulder and I’m like, wow, I’m really excited to win the UpUpDownDown Championship. I’m really excited to beat [ma.cé] and he just so happened to ‘have a recital’. I would like to see the footage of this recital, just saying.

“So you sent your friend out [mån.sôör] but you know what? Even with one shoulder, I’m still gonna beat you and I’m gonna be the new UpUpDownDown Champion. I wasn’t gonna miss this for the world. One shoulder, no shoulder, doesn’t matter.”

Presumably Liv’s referring to her rotator cuff, a group of muscles and tendons in the shoulder which help lift and move the arm. Depending on severity, rotator cuff tears can be treated surgically or non-surgically. That’s what will dictate how much time Liv will miss (both from WWE, and a reported movie role). If surgery is required, she’ll likely miss at least four-to-six months.

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