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We miss Randy Orton, so here are 20 great RKOs

The last word we got on Randy Orton, who has been out for some time now dealing with a back injury that required major surgery, his father, Cowboy Bob, was saying doctors have told him not to return to wrestling. He’s at least training, though, and even his dad said he’ll do what he’s gonna do, so it sounds like all hope is not lost.

Either way, we miss him greatly. That was punctuated today by the revelation that it’s the 20 year anniversary of the very first RKO. To commemorate as much, WWE released the following special Top 20 video showcasing his very best RKOs through the years.

Watching that back, it really is incredible how many different ways he managed to hit that damn RKO, both when it was clearly set up for as much and when it came OUTTA NOWHERE. That meme got old after a while but I’ll be damned if we’re not missing it now.

Get well, Randy, and come on back to us for at least one more RKO.

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