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WWE SmackDown SPOILERS from London, including matches Vince pulled last week

Although the June 30 Money in the Bank go home episode of SmackDown will air in its usual time at 8 p.m. ET on USA in the United States, it won’t be live. That’s because the show is being held at the O2 Arena in London, England. That means spoilers are readily available for those who wish to partake.

These will include the matches that Vince McMahon allegedly had pulled from last week’s SmackDown, as WWE quietly added those back to the line-up earlier this afternoon.

We’ll update this post as results come in from O2 Arena.

  • The show opens with a graphic for Droz, who died recently (more here).
  • Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens def. Pretty Deadly via pinfall despite some heel shenanigans to retain the WWE tag titles.
  • After a replay of last week’s Brawling Brutes/Solo Sikoa segment, Adam Pearce tells Ridge Holland he won’t get Sikoa this week. Holland still wants to put on a banger in England, though.
  • Austin Theory def. Ridge Holland via pinfall in a non-title match.
  • Theory’s post-match attack is cut off by Sheamus, but Theory avoids a Brogue Kick.
  • Karrion Kross gets a segment to set-up a match with AJ Styles for next week.
  • Bayley def. Shotzi via pinfall to keep her Money in the Bank spot. IYO SKY put Bayley’s foot on the ropes to save her from a three-count, and Bayley raked Shotzi’s eyes when she grabbed SKY to set-up the finish.
  • Bayley & IYO are celebrating when Shotzi shows up to say things aren’t done. The Damage CTRL duo suplex Shotzi onto a table to cut her hair.
  • Logan Paul is the guest on The Grayson Waller Effect. Waller asks what it would mean to win Money in the Bank and get a guaranteed title shot. Paul says it would mean a lot, because he still plans to win WWE gold. With the case, he could revenge on Seth Rollins, finish what he started with Roman Reigns, or smack LA Knight in the head with it.
  • That brings out Knight, who wants to talk to ya. He respects what Paul’s done to become a Social Media Mega Star in the online world, but he’s in his world now. He’s the favorite tomorrow for a reason, because he’s the Mega Star here. Paul scoffs at Knight calling himself a Mega Star, saying he was supposed to be a manager after a 20 year wrestling career. He should be thanking Paul he’s even addressing him.
  • Santos Escobar comes out to get something straight. Knight and Paul act like they’ve already won, but after tomorrow Mr. and Ms. Money in the Bank will be from the LWO. Butch comes to the ring and lays Paul out with forearms. The brawl leads to last week’s other nixed match...
  • Butch def. LA Knight & Santos Escobar in a triple threat. Knight and Paul got into it on the floor, and Escobar took them out with a dive. Butch hit Santos with Bitter End after a back-and-forth between them to pick up the win.
  • A post-match brawl with a ladder in the ring ends with Butch climbing it to pose with the briefcase.
  • AJ Styles responds to Kross, saying he only won their first match because of Scarlett. He has an answer for that.
  • Bianca Belair is sitting in the crowd for the women’s championship match.
  • Asuka def. Charlotte Flair by disqualification to keep her title when Belair punches her. A Flair kick meant for Asuka hit Bianca during the match, which led to her getting involved. The post-match brawl ends with Belair hitting Charlotte with a Burning Hammer onto Asuka when she was laid out on the announce table.
  • After a run through of tomorrow’s PLE card, Roman Reigns is out with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. Before we get to acknowledge him, we’re told Edge will be back next week for an appearance on The Grayson Waller Effect, Kross takes on Styles, and Sheamus challenges Theory for the U.S. title.
  • London gets a chance to acknowledge their Tribal Chief. He’s allowed his cousins to come out and say they the ones, but the truth is he’s The One. People think that makes him arrogant, but he’s the greatest. He’s also the only one who cares about The Usos, which is why he gave them the opportunity to enter the promised land.
  • A “Roman Sucks” chant breaks out, and Reigns says what sucks is when family betrays you. As a father, he gives his kids multiple chances when they screw up. He’ll give The Usos infinite chances... if they bow down, apologize, and acknowledge him.
  • That brings out The Usos. They aren’t trying to get back into The Bloodline. It’s not about acknowledging and apologizing. It’s about consequences. They talk about the last time Reigns was pinned, and say if he gets pinned tomorrow, he’s out. But Jimmy & Jey don’t want to be Tribal Chief. They have the perfect choice though. The crowd chants for Solo, and Roman laughs. But Sikoa isn’t laughing.
  • Reigns asks if they all think this is a game. A huge brawl breaks out, with security coming out to try and stop it. Security gets taken out, Roman hits Jey with a Superman Punch while Solo & Jimmy brawl into the crowd. Roman takes out some security himself, Jey flies onto Solo and Roman, and that’s the show.

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