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WWE veteran Darren ‘Droz’ Drozdov has died

At the start of SmackDown today (June 30) in London, an “In Memorium” graphic for Darren Drozdov was displayed. Multiple outlets have since reported that Drozdov, who wrestled for the company from 1998-1999, died recently at the age of 54.

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Paired with the Legion of Doom and Prince Albert (a gimmick worked by current NXT Head Coach Matt Bloom) during his time with WWE, Droz is known to many wrestling fans for a scene in the Beyond The Mat documentary that focused on Vince McMahon pitching a “Puke” gimmick for him since he could vomit on command.

His in-ring career was cut short when he slipped during a match with D’Lo Brown, breaking his neck in the process. Droz would never walk again, but remained with WWE as a writer. Recently, he would contribute to wrestling documentaries like Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring series.

Droz is already being remembered by some of this fellow Attitude Era stars on social media

On behalf of everyone in the Cageside Seats community, we extend our condolences to Droz’s family and friends.

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