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An interesting time for WWE 2K23 to go on sale, with Bray Wyatt & Uncle Howdy coming soon

As you likely already know, and if you don’t you can read our man Marcus’ review of it here, AEW released its “Fight Forever” video game today (June 29, 2023) on every major platform. Perhaps we shouldn’t be all that surprised, then, that on this very same day WWE was in my e-mail inbox with promotional material noting that its own video game, WWE 2K23, is on sale today at 33-percent off retail price.

In addition to all that, there’s this:

From WWE:

Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy Coming Soon to WWE 2K23!

Dropping on July 19th, 2023! Get ready for one of the most anticipated DLC releases of the year!

WWE 2K23’s Revel with Wyatt Pack features the highly-anticipated return of Bray Wyatt and the debut of the mysterious Uncle Howdy as a bonus Superstar. The Revel with Wyatt Pack also includes Valhalla, the leader of NXT’s Schism, Joe Gacy, NXT rising star Blair Davenport, and Hulk Hogan’s SummerSlam rival, the Human Wrecking Machine Zeus.**

The sale ends on July 3.

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