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Cody Rhodes’ best friend debuts on WWE Raw

The American Nightmare brought his dog Pharaoh to work.

A former AEW star, and perhaps the most universally loved & admired member of Cody Rhodes’ family, showed up on Raw last night (June 26).

The show started with Cody interrupting his Money in the Bank opponent Dominik Mysterio to quote the “scared little boy” a few lines from Dr. Seuss. That led to each man getting a match to show their opponent what they were getting into this Saturday in London, with Dom taking the heel route of picking a cruiserweight (Akira Tozawa) while Rhodes took on Mysterio’s Judgement Day teammate Damian Priest in the main event.

It was in revealing his match that we got the WWE debut of very good boy, Cody’s Siberian Husky Pharaoh...

Pharaoh’s no stranger to appearing on his owner’s wrestling shows. He made a handful of appearances on AEW television during Rhodes’ time there, including an infamous one at All Out 2019 when some unplanned pyro spooked the good boy. Cody spoke about that during an appearance on The Bump shortly after his WrestleMania return last year, in which he also teased Pharaoh’s eventual WWE debut:

“So we had a mishap with Pharaoh once before where some genius powered some pyro off and scared Pharaoh pretty terribly. However, he really has not flinched since then, he has not held it against me, he’s not mad, he is truly man’s best friend. I think because you pose the question he does have to show up in some capacity. Now I don’t want some sort of strange wild angle, just his presence he could be here on The Bump.”

Pharaoh’s cameo was likely due to the show taking place in Savannah, Georgia, which is within driving distance of Cody’s hometown of Marietta. That also probably played into some fans wondering why Mrs. Rhodes wasn’t on hand to help her husband even the odds against Dom’s Mami, Rhea Ripley. To which Brandi replied...

Make ‘em say ‘Uhh’, P.

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