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The soundtrack of the squared circle is music to my ears

Certain sounds are music to my ears.

The crack of a baseball bat on a sure homerun. The bone-crunching collision of players’ bodies flying into the glass at a hockey game. The deafening silence of a deflated sports crowd.

While scrolling through Twitter this weekend, I came across this thrilling highlight clip of Eddie Guerrero against Shinjiro Otani from Starrcade ‘95. And as wrestling fans remarked on the eye-popping action, the booming sound of WCW’s ring was the star for me.

I had forgotten how, when mic’d properly, WCW’s ring echoed the roar of an impending storm as wrestlers raced across the mat like rolling thunder, a body slam becoming a vicious thunderclap.


I watched that Otani-Guerrero clip countless times until I gave up and put my earbuds in, opting to feed the crashing reverberations directly into my soul.

Though most modern rings aren’t as lively as WCW’s in its heyday, the Twitter clip reminded me how much the squared circle is a living, breathing character that deserves its time to shine. It’s the object that fans see more than anything else. It would be nice to hear from it more than we do.

Now, let me hear from you, Cagesiders. What sounds from the squared circle are music to your ears? Sound off below.

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