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Bayley has some fun with her SmackDown match getting cancelled at the last minute

At around 5 pm ET last night, just hours before Friday Night SmackDown was set to go on the air on FOX, Bayley tweeted the following:

One can only assume that she tweeted it because, well, at the time it was still relevant to do so. Within the next few hours, that match had been cancelled. WWE never once made mention of it during the live broadcast, not even to note that it would no longer be taking place.

I guess they just really wanted to do that Charlotte Flair vs. Lacey Evans match?

Either way, Bayley tried to have fun with it, first with a GIF from one of the greatest comedy films of all time:

Then, today, she followed up with this:

The card is indeed subject to change but that’s generally supposed to cover things like emergencies, as opposed to the whims of whoever the hell is actually running the show at WWE these days. Vince McMahon is getting the credit (or the blame?) for it right now.

Either way, Bayley seems to be taking it in stride. I guess that’s all you can do when you work at WWE, right?

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