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The Usos to Roman Reigns: ‘We still love you, Uce’

Jimmy and Jey just don’t feel the same about Paul Heyman

As the Usos prepare for a Bloodline Civil War at Money in the Bank against their cousin Roman Reigns and their younger brother Solo Sikoa, Jimmy and Jey made it clear on SmackDown that they’re ready to beat some respect out of the Undisputed Universal Champion.

But on top of their declaration of war, Jimmy and Jey made one more bold statement toward Reigns.

“We still love you, too, Uce.”

After acknowledging Reigns as the Tribal Chief, Jey also made a statement of hope, saying, “We’ll always forgive you.”

And while the door is open for a family reunion, the only person not invited is Paul Heyman, who Jey called “the biggest snake of them all.” His twin, Jimmy, also showed no love for Reigns’ wise man, claiming he’s responsible for driving a wedge among the tribe.

Suddenly, there’s an unexpected twist in this story.

According to Heyman, in 2020, Reigns rescued him from the Ocean of Obscurity after his client, Brock Lesnar, disappeared from the scene following WrestleMania 36. Heyman also said it was the Head of the Table corrupting him, not the other way around.

If that’s the case, Reigns may have gone completely dark and could care less about a reconciliation. Or perhaps that’s what Heyman wants Reigns and the fans to believe as the Special Counsel continues pulling the strings, especially those tied to Reigns’ heart.

But if what Jimmy and Jey are saying is true? What purpose would Heyman have for wanting to turn the Bloodline against each other? What is Heyman’s endgame? And who might Heyman be plotting with?

The plot thickens, as they say. Will Reigns see the light? Or will he drive the wedge between him and the Usos even further? And what might Heyman do? Give us your best guesses below, Cagesiders.

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