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WWE is being stubborn with LA Knight

Yet another episode of Friday Night SmackDown has come and gone and yet another crowd, this one full of fine folks from Louisiana, opted to loudly cheer for one LA Knight.

LA Knight, I remind you, is a heel.

There was a time WWE would take this to me he should be turned babyface, because he’s clearly got so much fan support that it dictates no longer booking him to do things like beat up babyfaces after he already defeated them in a match. Yet that’s exactly what was happening on this week’s show, as he attempted to put the boots to Rey Mysterio following a clean win but was run off by Santos Escobar.

There’s something really off putting about having a guy fans are so eager to throw their full support behind really playing it up as a heel while still pandering to them with his wildly popular catchphrases. One minute they’re cheering Rey Mysterio’s offense, the next minute they’re following along to Knight’s prompts to shout his name before he drops an elbow on ol’ Rey.

It’s jarring!

Perhaps there are plans to change this soon enough, and he’ll win the Money in the Bank ladder match and turn babyface while cashing in on somebody. Who knows? In the meantime, it will continue to feel wrong wanting to cheer for a guy WWE seems so intent on having work heel.

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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