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Dana Brooke gets it, knows you think she sucks

Dana Brooke lost her latest NXT match last night (June 20). That’s not a surprise, as she was facing Cora Jade — exactly the kind of prospect WWE sent the former 24/7 champion to Florida to put over.

The match was designed to get over Jade over as a vicious heel... but the NXT faithful made it clear they weren’t going to cheer Brooke. The main roster talent worked a leg injury during the match, and at one point was going to be stretchered out of the Performance Center before her fighting spirit kicked in. That didn’t move the crowd though, who chanted for Dana to tap when Cora locked her in a single-leg crab, and cheered when the referee stopped the match.

This morning, Brooke posted this, seemingly in response to how last night went:

The NXT crowd may have gone into business for themselves here, but it’s not as if WWE hasn’t trained their audience to view Brooke as a punchline. Both Corey Graves and Seth Rollins have gotten digs in at Dana’s expense in the recent past.

Could this all be an angle, or will WWE turn it into one? It’s hard to imagine fans in the PC cheering Brooke if they decide to continue the Jade program.

In the meantime, we just hope Dana’s having a nice afternoon.

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