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Tommaso Ciampa dropped a #DIY reference into his WWE return promo

It took a while for the rumors and reports of Tommaso Ciampa’s return from hip surgery to pan out, but they finally did last night (June 19).

The two-time NXT champion got his old “No One Will Survive” theme back, and officially ended the partnership with The Miz he had last summer by beating the A-Lister in under five minutes.

During his time on television, we didn’t get any signs of another Ciampa rumor we’ve been hearing over the past month or so — a reunion with his old #DIY partner Johnny Gargano for a tag push. But the Blackheart snuck a reference to the team name into a walking-and-talking promo he cut for social media during Raw (emphasis mine):

“It feels good. I should say it feels great to be back.

“Nine months. Nine months it’s been since I walked out in front of those people, nine months since I’ve stood here in front of this camera. And Mike went out there tonight, and he told everybody that he was here to answer Seth [Rollins]’s open challenge. Well, he’s not the only one who had that intention. Because I’ve had my eyes on Seth’s gold ever since the first day he laid his hands on it.

“You wanna know what I want? Do you want to know what Tomasso Ciampa wants? I want it all. I want Monday Night Raw. I want SmackDown. I want every premium live event. I want Money in the Bank. I want the briefcase. I want SummerSlam. I want Survivor Series. I want the Royal Rumble. I want to start one, I want to go to 30. I want to go to WrestleMania. I wanna be the main event. I wanna be the main attraction. I want to be the guy that everybody talks about. I want to be a household name. I want everybody, everybody all around the world to talk about Tommaso Ciampa — because I’m that damn good. I’m that damn good on the microphone, I’m that damn good in the ring.”

And last time I was in WWE, last time I was on Monday Night Raw, I made a lot of mistakes that I had 275 days to think about every damn mistake that I made.

“Sometimes, if you want things right — you do it yourself.”

Gargano’s made a few allusions to their team while reconnecting with his The Way family on Raw this year. Johnny Wrestling wasn’t on Raw last night in front of his hometown of Cleveland, but it definitely seems like he & Ciampa will be on screen together soon.

How soon? We shall see.

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