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Bron Breakker didn’t get much time on Raw this week, but he made the most of it

Word got around late in the day that Bron Breakker was backstage in Cleveland, Ohio for Monday Night Raw this week, making it clear he would make some kind of appearance. Then, Seth Rollins was taken out by Finn Balor right as the show started, never getting around to doing the open challenge for the world heavyweight championship as planned.

So what would Breakker end up doing on the show?

As it turned out, he only got a brief interview segment that lasted all of one minute. But I’ll be damned if he didn’t make the most of that minute:

“Surely Seth isn’t going to use what happened to him tonight as some sort of excuse not to show up and face me, right? I mean, Seth talks such a big game about being the workhorse here, night in and night out, since becoming the world heavyweight champion. Me? I’ve been waiting for this opportunity. And if you think what Finn Balor did to Seth tonight was bad you haven’t seen anything yet. Because I’m going to hurt Seth Freakin Rollins really freakin bad. And who knows, maybe the doctors will prescribe him enough courage to show up tomorrow in NXT. Get used to seeing this face a lot more on Monday nights because I’m going to become the new world heavyweight champion.”

That’s not a promo that blows you away but Bron has been settling in as a heel and this was as comfortable as he has looked at any point since the turn. This was the most natural he’s looked and felt in quite some time, actually.

More of this, please.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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