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Rey Mysterio gets Father’s Day revenge against brat son Dom

Justice for Dad comes on the right day.

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As most dads were receiving ties and grills from their kids on Father’s Day, Rey Mysterio was doing the giving Sunday (June 18) against his son Dominik in a “Father’s Day Street Fight” match at a WWE Supershow in Charleston, West Virginia.

Buzz around this paternal showdown grew following a live event Saturday in Cincinnati when Dominik Mysterio helped Roman Reigns deliver the gift of defeat to his dear old dad, allowing Reigns to retain his championship against the WWE Hall of Famer.

Despite that setback, Papa Mysterio came to Charleston extra ready to dish out old-school parental discipline to his demon offspring.

With Dominik slumped over a chair, Rey pulled out a leather belt and proceeded to whip his son, much to the crowd’s delight.

However, Dominik’s grit, which he forged during his few minutes in prison, was on full display here. After surviving tough love from his father, the younger Mysterio proved that his resolve is almost as unbreakable as, perhaps, a table.

Now, no self-respecting father would raise their child to be a quitter. And so Rey, leading by example, would close out the evening with sage fatherly advice for his boy: if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

After setting up another table, this time in the corner, Rey sent Dominik flying through it, wiping him out for good. But deciding not to take any chances with a hardened criminal, Rey finished ex-con Dom with a diving splash to pick up the win for himself and for good fathers everywhere.

In other action from Charleston, WWE World Champion Seth Rollins defeated Damian Priest to remain at the top of Raw, Cody Rhodes picked up a win against Finn Bálor, and Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens retained their tag team titles in a fatal-four-way match against the Viking Raiders, Alpha Academy, and The Usos, who were a last-minute addition.

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