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The Bloodline breakup gave us the new Photo of the Year

It doesn’t quite rise to the level of being the greatest photo of all time — that still belongs to this gem from Triple H and Kurt Angle — but The Bloodline’s breakup on Friday Night SmackDown this week did indeed give us at least the new Photo of the Year for 2023, courtesy of

This was right after Jey Uso told his brother Jimmy that they’re both out of The Bloodline, and then turned around and kicked Roman Reigns in the face. At the time of this photo, Reigns had just taken that boot. You can see the mic still hasn’t finished falling to the mat. Paul Heyman’s shock has already registered but Solo Sikoa is lagging behind, standing tall and stoic like always. I’m so grateful for his delayed reaction, because it directly led to the above photograph.

This story is the gift that keeps on giving.

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