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Sheamus can’t make any sense of WWE’s ‘insane’ booking decision on him

WWE’s Money in the Bank 2023 pay-per-view is coming up on July 1 at London’s O2 Arena. This is the second year in a row that WWE is bringing one of these special events to the United Kingdom, following last year’s very successful Clash at the Castle event in Wales.

When WWE travels out of the continental United States for these kinds of shows, they typically find spots on the card for wrestlers or celebrities with a connection to the local area. That’s why it was a no-brainer decision during last year’s trip to the United Kingdom to book Sheamus and Drew McIntyre in important title matches at Clash at the Castle. In fact, Sheamus went on to have a match of the year candidate against Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER.

The current lineup for Money in the Bank includes four matches, and neither Sheamus nor McIntyre are booked for the show just yet. There are plenty of rumors going around to explain McIntyre’s absence from WWE, but Sheamus is on TV most weeks and doesn’t have a clear direction yet for Money in the Bank.

During an interview with, The Celtic Warrior said he should absolutely be on the Money in the Bank card, and it doesn’t make any sense to exclude him:

“...last time we were in Wales [for Clash At The Castle in September], I tore the bleeding roof off the place. Nobody came close!

Roman, Drew didn’t come close – and it was built around that match. Nobody came close to [me and GUNTHER]. Every time I’m in there, I blow the roof off the place. Doesn’t matter if it’s in Cardiff, Wales, doesn’t matter if it’s in Lexington, Kentucky, MSG, the reactions I get are insane.

Every time I get out there, I put on a banger. I should be the first person they’re thinking of – especially when a pay-per-view comes to Europe like that. So yeah, a hundred percent, I should be in there.”

Sheamus said he’s thrilled that his fellow Brawling Brute BUTCH is booked in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match, but it doesn’t make any sense to leave the other Brawling Brute Ridge Holland out of it:

“To be honest with you, Ridge should be in that match as well, 100%. They’re in London, I don’t understand why Ridge isn’t in that match. You’ve got a great opportunity there for that, but I don’t book this stuff, you know what I mean?”

Sheamus even used the word “insane” to describe the possibility that WWE overlooks him for the Money in the Bank card:

“Everything I’ve done the last 16 years, I should be the number one name that they think of, especially when a pay-per-view comes to London, a stones throw away from Dublin, it’s insane! Especially when I cut my teeth there.”

There are two weeks left for WWE to end the insanity. That might be enough time to book Sheamus in a United States Championship rematch with Austin Theory. It’s also worth noting that the June 30 episode of SmackDown takes place in the same venue in London, the night before Money in the Bank, so one way or another I’m sure WWE will find a way to put some of the spotlight on Sheamus that weekend.

What creative idea do you think WWE will come up with for Sheamus at Money in the Bank, Cagesiders?

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