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Dominik Mysterio sends a message to fellow WWE jailbird Tony D’Angelo

NXT’s Tony D’Angelo was “arrested” last month during the build to the WWE’s developmental show’s Battleground PLE. The Don’s right hand man Stacks is doing his Fashion Files best to find out who ratted out his boss — information that will somehow not only get Tony D out of the hoosegow, but also get D’Angelo & his Underboss into an NXT Tag title match.

Based on the vignettes we’ve been getting on Tuesday nights, Tony’s prison stretch isn’t exactly hard time (it sounds like it’s playing out kinda like Paulie’s time in the pen from Good Fellas). But that didn’t stop a guy who knows a little bit about how incarceration can change a man from offering D’Angelo a little bit of jailhouse wisdom...

If Nick Khan is serious about making NXT a standalone brand that can command its own big money media rights deal? Get ex-con Dom Dom on Tuesday nights.

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