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Kofi Kingston provides an update on his recovery from ankle surgery

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WWE’s Kofi Kingston has been out of action since March, when a dive spot with Drew McIntyre on SmackDown went wrong. He revealed a couple weeks later that he’d had successful surgery on the ankle that was injured in the incident.

But that was three months ago. How is the former WWE champion doing now? Here’s what he told the Battleground Podcast this week:

“I’m actually in Orlando right now doing some rehab on my ankle. I had ankle surgery to remove a bone chip and fix some ligaments after the massive, Scottish behemoth of a man, Drew McIntyre, landed on my leg and my body went east and my leg went west and my ankle was completely sprained but they took out some bone chips and fixed the ligament and now, I’m on the mend, you know? Somewhere in between a robot and a zombie. Somewhere in between. I’m working my way back into the fold so, it’s all good, life is grand.

“I’m doing really well. I actually had this same surgery on the same ankle about six years ago to have bone chips removed so I feel like this time around, I kind of know what to expect and I’ve been kind of ahead of schedule for the most part and I’m really able to do a lot of normal people things and live normal life. So now it’s just a matter of trying to go to the next level and do WWE superstar things, you know what I mean? In-ring, things like that. So I’ve been in Orlando for the past week just kind of seeing where I’m at and things are looking pretty good so hopefully sooner than later, you’ll see me in the ring, but you are gonna see me hosting the [USFL’s Michigan] Panthers.“

Kingston will join his New Day brothers Big E (the Panther’s regular gameday MC) and Xavier Woods hosting WWE Superstars night at Michigan’s final home game this weekend. If you’re missing ya boys, the end of this video will give you a quick reason to put your hands together and clap for your 12-time Tag Team champions...

Get well soon, Kofi. Continued best wishes to our beloved Large Epsilon. And put the dang World title on Xavier Woods, something Kingston is confident will happen someday:

“It’s coming, it’s coming. It’s just a matter of time, you know? I’ve been out now for almost 12 weeks and Woods has been doing his thing as a singles competitor. I don’t think a lot of people realize how talented he is and he’s just out there proving it every single week so, it’s just a matter of time.”

H/t Post Wrestling for transcription

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