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Bianca Belair says goodbye to the Raw Women’s championship

Last Friday (June 9), WWE replaced the Raw Women’s championship with the WWE Women’s championship.

It was part of a general revamp the company’s seems to be in the process of doing for their main roster titles. Specifically in the case of their women’s belts, WWE’s making the championships non-brand specific. That means that when they move titleholders from on show to another as they like to do in almost all of their roughly annual talent Drafts, they won’t run into situations like they did this year where the Raw Women’s champ was on SmackDown, and vice versa*.

Bianca Belair was the Raw Women’s champ when she was drafted to SmackDown back in April. She’d lost the title to Asuka by the time the replacement was introduced, but that doesn’t negate her history with the red & white strap. Winning that championship at WrestleMania 38 was the payoff of a months long story with Becky Lynch. Holding the belt from the 2022 Showcase of the Immortals to this year’s Night of Champions show gave her the longest reign (420 days) in the title’s history.

The EST took the weekend to reflect on her place in that history, then posted these messages yesterday (June 12):

She may have to get in line behind the recently returned Charlotte Flair, who’s already gunning for her seventh run in the now-WWE Women’s championship lineage. But we doubt Bianca’s done making history with that belt.

* Rhea Ripley’s SmackDown Women’s title was swapped out for the new Women’s World championship on Raw last night. More on that here.

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