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Alpha Academy rules

While Maxxine Dupri was heading up Maximum Male Models for a while, WWE appears to have dropped that entire story and shifted her over to Alpha Academy. She’s no longer trying to woo Otis away — instead, she’s by his side and Chad Gable is now teaching her how to wrestle.

That may not sound all that entertaining on paper but if you’re familiar with any of their work, you’ll know it’s gold.


Later in the evening, Gable had a match against Erik of The Viking Raiders. That meant Valhalla was ringside and wouldn’t you know it, Maxxine got the chance to put what she learned into action:

It almost reminds you of the 90s in WCW when a celebrity would come in, do a basic move like an arm drag, and commentary would go insane for it. I absolutely love every bit of this, just like I loved it then.

More, please.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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