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Rhea Ripley gets a new women’s world championship

When Asuka was presented with a new WWE women’s championship on Friday Night SmackDown, one that looked just like Roman Reigns’ WWE Universal championship, it was immediately clear the powers that be would be doing the same for Rhea Ripley. Pretty much everyone speculated she would get a white leather version of the new world heavyweight championship Seth Rollins is carrying around, though we were all unsure of what they would call it.

As it turns out, we were all right:

Adam Pearce referred to it as “the women’s world championship.” So, basically, it’s exactly like the men’s division, though they didn’t opt to use the term “Universal” anywhere.

Gone are the days of a Raw and SmackDown women’s championship, which makes it lot easier for titleholders to change brands without a big fuss.

And, hey, that new title looks awfully good on Ripley, huh?

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