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Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre thought their Scottish accents would hold them back in WWE

There’s long been talk of WWE officials disliking or at least choosing not to push wrestlers who have thick accents. That idea recently took a spin through the rumor cycle with an anecdote from early in Drew McIntyre’s career with the company.

It’s something a pair of McIntyre’s fellow Scots, Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn, must have heard at some point. It at least sounds that way based on what they told Scotland’s The Sunday Post recently:

“There’s five million people in Scotland, so we’re one in a million,” Courtney [Stewart, Dawn’s real name] laughed.

“It’s so out of this world, because we are such a small country and we never thought this would happen. It’s a big opportunity for us to be inspirations for people in Scotland.

“We’ve got the accents, but we’re on live TV Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. We’re hoping that we can show people that you can come from Scotland and the sky’s the limit. We’re testament to that.”

Kayleigh [Rae, Fyre’s real name] added: “We always thought the accents would hold us back, but they love it here.

“We never thought a couple of wee lassies from Johnstone and Glesga could ever be doing this!”

McIntyre’s recent success, along with Nikki Cross’ title run last year and the current reign of Gallus in NXT, makes it seem like there isn’t as big a bias against accents as there used to be backstage.

Or maybe they just appreciate the “Unholy Union” duo’s skills & talents enough to overlook those biases? Fyre & Dawn are now the reigning NXT Women’s Tag champs, and June 23 on SmackDown they’ll be facing WWE Women’s Tag champs Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler in a title unification match.

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