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Charlotte Flair responds to upset fans with classic Triple H promo

Charlotte Flair is back in the WWE fold and while some folks are eager for her to become champion once more, quite a few vocal fans online aren’t so thrilled at the prospect of “The Queen” taking the crown from Asuka. She’ll get the chance to do just that on the upcoming June 30 episode of Friday Night SmackDown in London.

Charlotte’s response to folks upset about this was to drop the following tweet, containing a video of one of Triple H’s classic promos:

“I’m gonna tweet my displeasure. That’s right, I’m gonna jump on social media and I’m gonna tweet about it until my fingers bleed. I might even send an Instagram, or a Vine. That’s right. And on that tweet, in that tweet, and however many characters I get, I am gonna threaten. That’s right, if I don’t get what I want I’m gonna riot. And if that doesn’t work, then by god, me and my friend Mark are gonna stop watching. That’s right.”

Such a perfectly snarky response to fan backlash. “Me and my friend Mark” is one we’ll be using forever.

Stay mad, grapple fans.

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