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Bianca Belair is getting good and mad

During Friday Night SmackDown this week, Bianca Belair made promises not to get involved in Asuka’s business on the show — which turned out to be getting a new WWE women’s championship — because she was informed by Adam Pearce she was already in line for a rematch for the title.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, Charlotte Flair interrupted the title presentation and challenged Asuka to a match. That match was quickly accepted and made official for the June 30 episode of SmackDown just one night before Money in the Bank in London.

This is obviously not sitting well with Belair, who thought she was next.

This is worth pointing out because there have been various rumors recently that WWE could be considering turning Belair heel after a long title reign as a babyface.

Babyface Belair was great and all but I know I’m ready for Belair to get fully fed up and start kicking ass and taking names as a top heel in the division.

Agree? Or am I the one trippin?

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