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Gable Steveson says his time in WWE is ‘coming sooner than a lot of people think’

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The last we heard from Gable Steveson weeks ago, WWE had yet to approve his bid for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. He’s still hard at work on that anyway, and it sounds like he’s fully committed and thinks it’s going to happen.

As he told the AP News:

“I need to have that Paris experience in front of a packed house. I need to have them see what it’s like to see Gable Steveson in person. Having been in Tokyo and having no fans was — it was okay because I still won an Olympic gold. But I want to have that experience of having my family in the front row. They need to see it live.”

Of course, he’s relevant around these parts because he was signed by WWE and heralded as the next big thing. But he’s only made a couple of appearances on television and is splitting his time getting ready for the Olympics with his pro wrestling training at the Performance Center in Orlando. Even still, he claims he’s on his way to our screens sooner rather than later:

“I am still doing my thing. I have changed my diet, my body appearance. I wanted to be the best thing ever so when I did go on TV, it was going to be a sight that nobody has seen before. My time is coming and it’s coming sooner than a lot of people think.”

The good news is he just turned 23 late last month. There’s plenty of time to figure things out.

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