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What will Rhea Ripley’s new championship belt be called?

Last night (June 9), WWE took the first step to fixing the problem they created for themselves when they moved the Raw Women’s champion to SmackDown and the SmackDown Women’s champion to Raw in this year’s Draft. Thankfully, they didn’t go back to the creatively vacuous “belt swap” solution they used on the same issue back in 2021. Instead, Asuka received a newly designed title the company is referring to as the WWE Women’s championship.

That name, and the fact Asuka’s new belt looks exactly like the one Roman Reigns received on the June 2 SmackDown just on a different color strap, has us assuming Rhea Ripley will receive a version of Seth Rollins’ World Heavyweight belt to replace her SmackDown Women’s title on an upcoming episode of Raw:

But while they’re never really paid much attention to weight classes in WWE, would they really designate a women’s title as the “heavyweight” belt. There’s a few reasons why they might not want to, such as not wanting to tout one of the smaller members of their female roster as the “heavyweight champ”.

So even if it is almost identical to Rollins’ belt, we’re thinking maybe Rhea will become the Universal Women’s champion?

It’s not an idea we’re in love with honestly, but it would fit WWE’s branding...

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

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