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The Way reunited on Raw... and teased someone else’s return

As rumored, and as fans of their NXT run and/or dysfunctional wrestling family hijinks hoped, The Way reunited on the May 8 Raw.

Well, 80% of them anyway. The WWE Draft put Indi Hartwell on the red show along with her “husband” Dexter Lumis, her “Mom” Candice LeRae, and her “Dad” Johnny Gargano. Indi’s “brother”, United States champion Austin Theory, is on the SmackDown roster.

Theory and Papa John had some issues the last time they worked together, which is why I don’t think that’s who Gargano was referring to at the end of The Way’s backstage scene with Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville...

Lots of good stuff in there if, like me, you’re a fan of The Way’s comedy stylings (expertly set-up here by the great work Deville & Green have been doing with their Chris Jericho “Karen” gimmick, which has earned them another Women’s Tag title shot on next Monday’s show).

The intriguing bit is at the end, where Gargano gets excited about someone who’s “coming back soon”. LeRae & Hartwell aren’t as enthused, and Lumis... well, who can tell what he thinks with that big cheesy grin on his face.

The prevailing theory (pun semi-intended) is the Johnny’s talking about his old #DIY partner-turned mortal enemy-turned tag partner Tommaso Ciampa. We haven’t seen Ciampa on WWE television since last summer, when he was still working as The Miz’s muscle in a program with Gargano & Lumis. He underwent an October surgery to get his hip labrum cleaned up, and reports were he’d be back this year. If that’s right, Candice’s hesitancy is due to the number of times Tommaso & her husband have tried to kill each other.

A long-shot theory (pun totally intended) is that Johnny thinks Theory will win the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, forcing WWE to move him to Raw with the rest of the family. In this scenario, LeRae is wary because her “son” is a big jerk now, I guess.

My money’s on the Sicilian Psychopath. But let us know who you think J. Wrestling is talking about, and what you thought of The Way’s family reunion in general, in the comments below.

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