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Bad Bunny & Zelina Vega on dream come true WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico

Both of WWE’s back-to-back nights in San Juan, Puerto Rico were amazing. The peak, however, came in the middle of Sat., May 6’s Backlash.

That was when Nuyorican Zelina Vega and the island’s own Bad Bunny wrestled in consecutive matches. Vega didn’t win the SmackDown Women’s title from Rhea Ripley, but she represented her family and her roots to perfection — especially with her jaw-dropping entrance attire that was inspired by and embodied the Puerto Rican flag.

Bunny was victorious over another child of Puerto Rico, Damian Priest. In the process, the music superstar exceeded even the high expectations he’d set in his previous WWE appearances in a fun-filled match that also celebrated P.R.’s wrestling history with appearances by Savio Vega and Carlito.

Both have taken to social media to reflect on their experience on Saturday night, and especially what the crowd and the world’s response to the show means to them:

Yo soy Boricua…pa’que tu lo sepas!!!

I woke up this morning with happy tears rolling down my face and PRAAAAYING that it wasn’t a dream like it always was.

I wish I could hug every. single. one of you in the audience and everyone sending their love from home. You have NO IDEA how much this meant to me. This weekend.. my life changed forever. I’m so honored.. so grateful and feel incredibly blessed to have had the support I had last night.. from the fans, my beautiful family, my hero’s, to my coworkers.. to finally hearing HHH say ‘I’m so proud of you.’ …and he was talking to me this time I’m crying even typing this. To represent my people IN Puerto Rico.. man, I’ll never ever forget this.. neither will my family.. and I promise, you’ll get all of me EVERY TIME. This is not over, this is just the beginning.. someday I will become @wwe Women’s Champion.

‘A hero is not one who never falls, it’s the one who gets up again and again.. never losing sight of their dreams.’ - Rock Lee

MASSIVE THANK YOU to the village that created the masterpiece I wore yesterday. @herhandstyles stayed with me every step of the way making sure my hair was on point! #teamNOsleep @usamaishtay worked so hard on the whole outfit AND BEAUTIFUL FLAG.. I felt like a super hero, a princess and rockstar all at once! #LaReina @bfabulous1 slayed my make up and made sure that no matter how hard I cried, I’d still glitter like gold! @mache275 them crystals bruh!!! insanely iconic kicks! @tansby_lp for getting my tan just right and accentuating my abs

I’m SO LUCKY to have you all

Puerto Rico.. I love you!!

#LWO mi familia.. I’m honored to stand alongside all of you. Thank you for having my back and inspiring me to keep fighting. @619iamlucha @escobarwwe @joaquinwilde_ @deltoro_wwe @badbunnypr @iambeckyg

And now, I get to be the arms of my 7 fur babies & my incredibly supportive and loving husband @malakaiblxck .. I wouldn’t be where I am personally or professionally without him. Have to say, hitting the 619 for Rey, shimmying for Eddie Guerrero and then dropping Rhea with a meteora for my husband was the coolest thing ever.

Daddy, I love you.

Bad Bunny’s Instagram Story

Translation via Twitter’s Diva Incarnate:

I’m still processing this. Words can’t describe what I felt that day... wow! It was a dream.

Thank you Puerto Rico!!! You were the real stars both nights! There’s no energy like what you brought!! Now the world knows where the best wrestling fans in the world are!!

P FKN R!!!

P f’n R, indeed.

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